Built around the wide appeal of the music, the Classical Oasis project seeks to foster growth and development of young classical musicians by providing paid opportunities to perform, develop, and to showcase young talent within local communities across the U.S. By fostering expanded performance opportunities, up and coming artists can learn and truly grow into productive, well-rounded musicians.

Classical Oasis first began as a string ensemble comprised of six student musicians from the top musical conservatories in the country.

The original six hailed from Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, and New England Conservatory, performing light classical music wherever they went. However, once they began to see the broad appeal of the music they recorded and performed, the students decided it was time to expand the scope of their project. They began engaging other student musicians by offering a platform for young up and coming artists to showcase their talent while still attending school.

In addition to playing at symphonies, operas and orchestras, our musicians perform at weddings, concerts, festivals and other private and public engagements.