profile-squareGene Maltsev has been involved with music since the age of eight, when he started playing the piano.

As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, he grew up listening to and being exposed to various cultures and musical influences, including classical, tango, new-age, indie, rock, punk, reggae and world music.

Gene is a social entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. He builds on his previous experience working in finance, start-ups and strategic advisory. His true passion, however, is finding socially-responsible market-based solutions to the social issues of our time.

Gene aims to revolutionize the classical music space by creating a self-sustaining arts-based project which integrates student musicians from the world’s top conservatories and brings pop classical music to the masses.

Classical Oasis is a concept built around the premise that a rising tide raises all ships. That is, it’s a platform that harnesses the talent of top student musicians from some of the nation’s top schools and conservatories. It interweaves multiple ideas, musicians and acts to form one multifaceted show. Whereby each individual contributes to one overall concept, results in more work to more musicians, artists, designers and the entire arts community.